Weekly Update

Another slow week…my body fat percentage did go down ever so slightly, weight stayed the same. ¬†No diet drinks this week at all. ūüôā ¬†No egg beaters either and I think only 2 pieces of gum this week instead of 2-3 daily. ¬†I am happy with those cutbacks…it is noticeable in the abs.

On a happy me note…I put up a picture of Brittany Tacy on my fridge (no, I do not idolize her or worship her, but I am following her plan to get results and thought it would be good motivation). ¬†Anyway, gotta love the innocence of children. ¬†My little girl asked, “Mommy is that you?” ¬†Good mommy moment. ¬†Then I asked her if it looked like me and she said, “No, her hair is a different color.” ¬†Made me chuckle.