I tried.  I pushed.  I fought against it.

At 5:42 this morning, the road won.

Training had been going very well!  I shed the shin splints, I built up to 9 miles…in a way, I actually enjoyed the 9 mile run!  Last week, perfect weather, headphones stayed in, different scenery…all made for a great run.

Before that run I was bothered by my knee…seemingly with bursitis.  After that run, it was rough walking the rest of the day…forced to elliptical training for a couple days, but was also able to get some treadmill time in and geared up for my 10 mile run this morning.

As I limped up the road to my starting point my knee hurt, but I was determined it would feel better when the running began.  My 10 miles were reduced to 10 feet.

I tried to put full weight on and run through it, but it wasn’t happening.  My body was not allowing me to put full weight on that leg.

I am disappointed.  I really was looking forward to my long run this week.

I am nervous.  The closer the race day gets the less I want my training to be on hold.

I am benched for not and so this morning the road won the battle.

One battle.

I am determined to win the war.