I love chips, but I try to be healthy so am always looking for “healthier” chip options.  A lot of time the calories are still the same but the ingredients make a difference.  I am a big fan of vegetable chips dipped in salsa, but recently on an impromptu stop at Marshalls I found 2 more yummy options to add to my list.

Glories Mesquite Sweet Potato Chips are fabulous!!!!

The Daily Crave bbq veggie chips are delicious too 🙂

I recommend them both!


Gardening lessons

This summer was a learning experience for my green thumb.

First, we moved the pumpkin patch.  We have been growing pumpkins every year for the last decade and I love it!  They are just fun to grow and to use to decorate for fall.  The new spot just wasn’t amenable to pumpkin growth.  I was so sad to have to buy pumpkins this year!  Seriously, I could have planted a dozen pumpkin patches for the cost of half a dozen pumpkins.  We need to find a new spot for next year and hopefully it will be a success.

This was the first year that we did gardening in pots.  We don’t have a lot of space to garden, so we tried the pots on the deck.  My plan was to grow spaghetti sauce and salsa ingredients.  The herbs did amazingly well!  We had more than we could ever use…especially because I was too slow with the tomatoes.  We planted them WAY too late and they are still green.  😦  That kind of put a damper on the herbs and peppers, since they were for the homemade salsa and sauce.  However, this is a great lesson learned!  Next year we will plant the tomatoes earlier by a good bit and hopefully they will all be ripe in time to make and jar a bunch of spaghetti sauce and salsa!

Finally I was overzealous with the carrots.  They actually are growing in abundance, but because of the great abundance, they are quite crowded.  They are nice and orange, but short and round instead of long and skinny.  I weeded some out and hope that they will continue to grow to their full capacity, but next year, I have to not put so many seeds in such a small space.

I am happy to have learned these lessons, though I am bummed that my crop didn’t yield the expectation I wanted.  Next year we will make modifications.  😉

day 27

AM workout: weights…back, biceps, triceps

Food/calories: day 2 of limited sugar, calories near 1800

Water: water intake has been great with the elimination of diet drinks

PM workout: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs

It is amazing how quickly a body can change.  I have always had a 6 pack, well for as long as I remember thinking about it, of course aside from being pregnant, and not necessarily rock hard, but there.  Anyway, enough of the run on sentence.  Many times I have to work really hard to see my six pack…sucking in just so.  But after just 1 day of limited sugar it is far more noticeable.  I love that it is coming out of hiding.  I truly truly truly know that it really matters little if I have a six pack or not.  I truly truly truly know my inner being is more important.  But it is kind of fun to see it come out of hiding.  😉

Oh I also was unable to eat my salsa yesterday because there is sugar in it…really?  ugh!  My homemade salsa does not, so I may have to make some more soon.  And…because I want to be less and less dependent on sugar, I am going to avoid buying dark chocolate at the grocery store next time…way too tempting.  The little sugar in the cottage cheese and greek yogurt is more than enough.