Weekly Update

Slight progress has been made…

Pretty much all summer I have been stagnant.  I finally lost a few ounces…ha!  My body fat percentage is still between 15 and 24%, which I am happy with…especially the ones closer to 15.  🙂

My BMI is now between 20.5 and 20.8 pending on the scale.  This is less by a tiny margin of what it was throughout the summer, but it is only back to what I started at when I began this new healthy journey.  However, this is the first week I think I really took it seriously for the whole week (usually I have a few obnoxious cheat-eating days).  This week…no obnoxious eating.  I didn’t follow Brittany Tacy to a T, but I did pretty well.

I watched my diet, upped my weights a good deal, was hungry and tired.  But I made progress.  Small progress is still progress.  And even better than that, I lost an inch off my waist and 1/2 inch off my hips.

My hope is that I continue to be healthy…and that next week I will have even better progress.


Weekly Update

Another boring weekly update…

Stats pretty much the same as last week.

I am not friends with my scale anymore.  However, I know that since I am eating less (a little) and eating better (most of the time) that the numbers on the scale reflect more muscle.  I am the same size. same weight, a little less body fat.  I really wish you could lost weight just in one area, because my caboose is the collecting zone for all my fat.  blah!

I have been experimenting with sugar and may have found that sugar doesn’t like me too much.  When I go without and then have some (like the sampling of my mom’s birthday desserts…ugh!)…my body is not happy.  I may have to be more diligent about avoiding foods with refined sugar.

I also have discovered Brittany Tacy’s workout and diet plan which I have been trying to stick to this week.  I cannot lift as much weight as she can, but I did amp my weights up slightly.  I like that she is toned but doesn’t look manly.  I know that my troubles are more food oriented than workout oriented.  I just need discipline!  😉

As always, here’s hoping for some downward scale progress by this time next week.


Weekly Update

Not too much has changed and a lot has changed.

My BMI is between 20.6 and 21 pending on what scale I use.

My body fat percent is between 15 and 24 pending on what method I use (5 out of the 6 methods put me under 17).

Weight is no less than it was in May.  However, my body fat percentage is less.

Both my weight and my body fat percentage are higher than they were a couple years ago…but I was also underweight and had about 2 % body fat…for real.

So changes…

I am accepting that it is good that the clothes I fit into when I was underweight don’t fit anymore … no matter how cute they were.

I am excited that even though the scale is higher than I like, my size is not too different…just trying to enjoy that the scale is showing some good muscle build up.

I thought I would lose weight while training for the half marathon, but I gained weight…I was training for that at the same time as I was doing Jamie Eason’s 12 week body building program…needless to say I was hungry all the time.  After that my body still thought it wanted lots of food even though I wasn’t working as hard.  Since then, I have slowly but surely decreased my eating (I still cheat and overeat at times), and though my weight isn’t different, it is surely healthier weight.  I am also beginning to let go of calorie counting…a little, but I believe it helps me to be healthier overall…not depriving myself of food allows me to not have as many crazy overeating days.  I am starting to decrease my training a bit, too.  I recently read that if you overtrain, you overeat, and the calories certainly don’t balance out in your favor.  I had myself in a crazy cycle of being so hungry from training that I would overeat and then feel the need to train some more…no more.  I want to have muscle and be a little more than just toned, but I don’t want the crazy regimen of continuous exercise.

So, some good changes being made…hopefully soon it will show on the scale, but for now I will be happy with the progress so far.

Day 10

After 10 days I realize I need help!  I have no problem working out.  I have a problem controlling my food intake.  I used to be quite disciplined and am failing greatly!  Due to the working out, the damage is slow going, but it is still damage.  I do okay and than have one tiny slip up that leads to a landslide of disastrous dietary choices.

I decided that it is mostly mental.  If I followed my plans that I constantly write out for myself I would be the weight I want to be right now.  So I decided I need to whip my mind into shape along with my body.  I am going to assume with my mistakes in eating that I am now at a BMI of 20.8.  Surprisingly the internet says that 20.85 is the perfect BMI for women, which I wish was true, but then why would the menfolk drool over the tv/moviestars with BMIs of 18 or less.  (Yes, they are all beautiful despite their weight, but I digress).  I will not reveal my weight, just my BMI.

I am not going to weigh myself again until August 7th (2 weeks from today)

My goal is to be at a BMI of 20.3 on August 7th

My goal is to be at a BMI of 20.0 on August 21st

My goal is to be at a BMI of 19.6 on September 4th

My goal is to be at a BMI of 19.1 on September 18th

I believe these are doable and healthy goals.

To get a jumpstart for the next 3 days…Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will be eating only 1200 calories.  Healthy, but difficult.

After that I am going to strive to stick to a modified P90X diet of 1300-1500 calories a day.

When I reach my goal of 19.6 BMI I am going to reward myself with some sort of ice cream or milkshake treat.  🙂

When I reach my goal of 19.1 BMI I am going to reward myself with an Onion Blossom from Chili’s.

Now I have kicked the accountability up a notch because I have dates and standards to live up to.

Workout today was light…arm and shoulder weight lifting regime.

And I did do the yoga and Linda yesterday.  🙂