I read Unbroken awhile back…I am sure if you look in my Books section you can find the precise date when I completed and blogged about it.  It was a tough read, a good read, an amazing TRUE story about an amazing man who was given an immense amount of grace and strength from God through the worst of circumstances.

I went to see the movie…a week ago…and it would be unfair of me to say it was a poor movie, because in fact it was not.  Almost every book is better than the movie…I know that…I go into movies knowing that.  This movie was made well, the actors did a great job!  And they put themselves through a lot to look the part of the 65 pound survivors.  If I had not read the book I would probably have thought the movie was a complete and accurate telling of Louis’ life.

However…when the movie ended I was stunned.  I felt as if it ended 2/3 of the way through the book.  I do wish they had included the last third of the book.  A lot of details were left out.  I promptly got on the computer after coming home and found several documentaries on Louis Zamperini that included these details and then some.  I would encourage everyone to read the book and then watch the movie and documentaries as a set.

Louis Zamperini was an amazing man who left an amazing legacy.

Kitchen House

The Kitchen House, by Kathleen Grissom, is a book of tragedy.  It is a fiction piece, that could easily be reality in the given era.  It tells of slavery of many kinds.  Though it is so sad, and most of the time hope does not prevail, you see hope in the little things.  You believe in the friendships and family, the looking out for one another and obedience.  I suppose it ends on a good note, but so much bad happened to every character, it is not an easy statement to make.  However, those left at the end were survivors, were free and had the knowledge of unconditional love from their fellow survivors.  That is no small thing in which to hope.

I flew through this book and was quite impressed with it.  So much was left unfinished at the end, I wonder…will there be a sequel?