Sugar and Slides

Sundays are our family days.  No matter how busy we are during the week, we set aside Sundays to do things fun as a family that do not require work or school as part of the day.  🙂  Today we went to a park fairly near our house.  It was our first visit there and it was pretty awesome.  They built a slide into a hillside, resembling a small water slide, but without the water.  You are supposed to bring a piece of cardboard and you sit on it to go down the slide.  There is also a playground there.  The kids had a blast!  And I loved that something so simple was entertaining to them.  Free outdoor fun is always a good thing!  The only snag, which irked Mommy and Daddy more than the kids, was when a grandpa didn’t want to share the box that we brought.  Long silly story that I do not want to go into, but it was interesting that all the kids could share with each other and the grandpa was unaware of how that process worked.  Alas, another life lesson for the kids.  That was about 30 seconds of the whole time we were there, so it was a successful, happy and fun day!

Something interesting that I have been doing….I did a 10 day no sugar experiment.  I could eat natural sugar…meaning fruit, but nothing processed.  I gave myself a 10 day limit so I could see the end of the tunnel and therefore have more success.  Today is day 11, so I am pigging out a bit, but I am going back into another 10 day no sugar beginning tomorrow.  Being without sugar made my body much healthier. I could feel it.   I have had quite of bit of sugar today (in different forms)  and my body noticed right away.  But I do not want my body to forget how to process any of those foods quite yet.  Interestingly, I had a diet soda and it tasted horrible!  Which actually made me happy…because I know diet ingredients are really awful for your body.  And if I lose my temptation for them, all the better.  Baked goods however did not taste terrible, however if I get in a habit of only eating them every so often, I am not too concerned.  I did lose a little bit of weight…I will gain a fraction of that back today.  For me, the best part of no sugar is how quickly my belly slimmed.  My belly is not my biggest problem area, but wow! any slight improvement is ok with me.  I am sure after today there will be a little bulge, but it will also go away.  🙂

And that is the light weekend update!

Weekly Update

More progress!  Woohoo!  My BMI is now down to 19.8.  It has taken so long but I am glad to see progress.  I know that I have lost a little muscle to achieve this, but I also know that I had to lose muscle and fat to achieve this.  I have not yet reached my goal, but am excited for the progress during such a season of food fests.  Because of the constant food temptations, I have not kept up all the healthy eating rules I should and I do need to be more disciplined.  BUT…progress is happening.  🙂  So the next goal is to keep the progress consistent and get back to healthy habits.  😉

weekly update

I am finally feeling better…yay!  I was able to get back into a more normal lifting and cardio routine this week.  I have survived 2 Christmas parties since last weekly update and I am still at my 20.4 BMI.  While my goal is taking longer than I initially intended…I am excited that I am still remaining the same or slowly losing, especially in light of all the food around these days.  😉  We will have Christmas and then Christmas #2 and hopefully I won’t have as much food temptation after that.  Be back next week.

Weekly Update

No changes to speak of this week in body fat percentage or weight…which is huge, because I have been baking (and sampling) all week for friends and to not do any damage is a good thing!  Here is hoping to go down in numbers next week, BUT I did lose an inch in my waist.  Soooo…if I suck in I can get my waist to be 24 inches.  🙂  This was happy news!

The picture on the refrigerator has stirred up a lot of conversation.  I was planning on just putting it up when no one was going to be here, but it would be a pain to take down and up, so Brittany Tacy is still on the fridge trying to curb my food temptations.  I did however put a moose head magnet on top of her head so that my hubby doesn’t have some fridge chick to stare at.  😉  He’s a good guy, he wouldn’t anyway, but no use putting it right in his face.  Anyway, my mom is super sweet and told me I was thinner than her, which I am not, but it was still sweet of her to say.  And then my friend commented on her legs (after laughing about the moose head), but then when I showed up at a Halloween party as Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), that same friend was like…”wow!  Look at your legs…you are the girl on the fridge!”  While I know I am not there yet, both comments were encouraging.  It makes me feel like my hard work is paying off (not like I am working for the next medical breakthrough)…staying healthy is good.

Which brings me to…I am finally accepting that if I want to be strong the way I want to be strong, I am not going to be the skinniest girl on the block.  I still see the ultra thin girls and think about being that size, but then I realize that my husband likes me just how I am and there is not one other person that needs to like how I look other than him.  Plus, as beautiful as those super skinny girls are, and as strong as they may be, I like being able to lift and be toned the way I am trying to be.  So…I haven’t fully accepted it yet…but I am getting there.    Like I have always said in the past, as long as my husband likes me I am good.  AND more important than that, I need to focus on my insides more than my outsides…my heart, soul and spirit.  Having God use me trumps anything and everything else in my life.

One last thing, I have been free of diet drinks and gum for a few weeks now.  I don’t miss them too much.  Funny how last year at this time when I was thinner but continuously dieting and eating lots of artificial foods that my bloodwork was pretty poor.  This year, even though I have gained a few pounds, by eating real food and working out a little bit harder, my cholesterol and blood sugar are way healthy!  So I am definitely an advocate for not being underweight and not living on artificial food.  🙂


Day 8

So in the past Sunday has been my day off of everything…no food rules, no exercise.  BUT…since I blew it twice this week on food I didn’t want to go crazy today.  I did ok.  Probably over 2000, but hopefully not by much.  We had a party for my dad’s birthday so there was tons of temptations.  I ate too much at the party but that was pretty much all for the day, so hopefully it balances out ok.

Back to rules tomorrow.


I know some think I am crazy, but I decided to follow a half marathon training schedule regardless of my half marathon decision.  In its own way, the practice/training is as much of a challenge to me.  In following this plan I have made two interesting discoveries…

#1…it is a cruel, cruel thing to go to a gym that is right next door to a place that bakes fresh bread (one of my weaknesses).  When my belly is growling and I have just started the treadmill, the bread smell, well, makes me sad.

#2…simply adding another mile or two to my daily workout along with a little more speed has made me extremely hungry!  Hungry enough to eat far more than the few extra calories I have burned.  This means that despite training for a race I am gaining weight.  A year ago that would have made me quite frustrated.  But I feel healthier today than I have in a long time and realize I just have to regulate my hunger and my training accordingly.  My weight will adjust soon.

Am I going to run or not?

We will see.

But training will continue…and yes, some days next to the glorious smell of baking bread…*sigh*