Proverbs 20:6-7

Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?  The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him.
Marriage used to be sacred, used to be taken seriously, used to be forever.  It should be.  It is called to be.  It isn’t anymore.
I (sadly) often wonder how many brides and grooms go to the altar these days pledging to love and adore their spouse until death do they part, or someone better comes along.  I wonder if brides and grooms these days expect forever.  It is heartbreaking.  I expect forever, my friends expect forever, but forever isn’t always what occurs.  
So many of our friends now are experiencing the pain of affairs and divorce.  It is horrendous to watch and be up close and personal with.  There are so many pains in this world, but I cannot fathom facing one where you lose your best friend, the one who is supposed to carry you through the bad times or at least bear them with you.  God of course is ever present.  It is still so hard.
I blame the selfishness we as a people have acquired over the years.  So many horrible decisions are made in the here and the now.  “This feels good now, I should do it.  My kids, wife, family, friend, etc all come in second to how I am feeling.  It is all about me.  I should be able to do anything I want and not deal with the consequences.”  This way of thinking causes issues in marriages, in unplanned pregnancies, in drinking and driving, in drugs, in every sinful area of life.  I despise this way of thinking.  And I say that knowing I am not perfect and my thoughts are not perfect.
Whether or not you are a Bible believer (of course you know I am), the rules and laws of the Bible do prevent a lot of pain if they are followed.  And they don’t prevent a lot of fun as many tend to believe.  
I am thankful for my faithful husband.  I am more thankful for my faithful God!  And I pray all the time that my children may grow up caring for others over themselves and that they may spend eternity with their Holy God.

child convictions

My children find ways to convict me each day it seems…and they don’t even know it.  Yesterday they had a pretty great day in terms of kids…fun activities, good food, lots of mommy time…and yet they complained.  Soooo…they had to listen to the mommy lecture of how they were given so much in which to be thankful, and instead of being happy or thanking mommy they found things to complain about.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids are pretty good with manners, but I think we all get used to being treated a certain way…and they have a pretty good life…thanks to God!  🙂

Not very long after I gave them the lecture, it hit me that we all, me included if not me especially, take for granted what God gives us on a daily basis.  We are richly blessed…RICHLY BLESSED!  We all have trials…some little, some rather large…but looking at the bigger picture, wow!  We need to be thanking God first…abundantly…and maybe we will find less to complain to Him about.


My husband and I began dating 16 years ago today.

A few things come quickly to mind in heart when I type that…

1.  I do not feel old enough to have been with him that long (or married to him for 11+ years)

2.  I still am awestruck that he still loves me.  🙂

3.  I can remember things from 16 years ago, when at times these days I can’t remember things from 16 seconds ago.


We are among the few with a marriage that is a cord of three…what a rich blessing that is!  We are no better than anyone else.  We rely on our Lord to hold us together.  He brought us together, made us best friends and built our relationship.  I think that friendship is missing from a lot of marriages today.  So many rush in without a foundation.  I am grateful and thankful for the foundation we have to cling to when times get tough..and lets face it, times get tough in any marriage…whether external factors, child stresses or the monotony of  life.  Having a friendship, building memories and loving each other through all of it makes the bonds stronger each day.

I am thankful for the boy who held my hand 16 years ago and for the man who still holds my hand today.  I am thankful for my marriage and family.  I pray that marriages across the globe may cling to God to hold them together.

3.21  🙂

Wasabi Peas and other random thoughts

Yesterday as I was going about my day…cleaning clothes, buying food, dispensing medicine, wiping faces, taxiing to the dentist, lifting weights, running on machines, creating meals, teaching children, watching the news…you know, just living life…my mind meandered along as did I.  These are a few of the thoughts that rambled around in my mind.  A few could be blogged in more detail at a later date, but for now, enjoy, if you choose, a bit of my meandering thoughts from my meandering day.

* “Will my children ever wear the clothes on the bottom of the drawer?”

Laundry is done so frequently at our house that I have to force myself to be creative with my kids’ clothes and not just grab what is on the top of the pile…otherwise they will wear the same thing every other day.

* “Loving someone does not mean condoning their actions.”

There are people in our lives that do things completely against anything we could imagine, but they still need love…maybe more than the people who hold our same values.

* “Disagreeing with someone or something does not mean hate.”

This thought came to me when watching the news where people are set up to answer questions about their beliefs and if they don’t line up with someone else’s can be interpreted as hate.  I am thankful for the few who don’t sacrifice their values just to be pleasing to the crowd.

* “Shin splints stink!”

This is self-explanatory.

* “Worshipping solo in my car is awesome!”

No one can hear my horrid vocals!

* “I love when others complement my kids.”

Not in a prideful way, but sometimes I feel like I am hard on my kids all day long, so it is nice to praise them and have others praise them as well.


Why haven’t I tried these before?  They just might be one of my top 5 favorite foods now!

* “I am so thankful my family puts up with me.”

God has blessed me with such an amazing family and I am glad to be a part of it!

* “I am so thankful my Lord puts up with me!”

This needs no explanation, but is thought multiple times a day!