But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Matthew 24:36


Although we do not know when the Lord is coming back for us, we have no time to lose.  The world is getting worse before our eyes.  What is good is seen as evil and what is evil is seen as good.  Everyone is too afraid to stand up for what is right in case they may offend someone.  We may not know the time, but each day is closer to THE day, so now is the time to pray for the lost.  Pray for hearts to be changed.  Spread the word of Christ.  Let the whole world hear.

Prayers and Fresh Starts

It hasn’t been that long since I have prayed for God to humble me.  It wasn’t long before He answered my prayer, though I realize saying that He humbled me lacks some humility in of itself.  He is still working on me.  But, I wanted to share.

He humbled me gently.  Not in a way where I feel like “poor me” or want others to think similar thoughts.  It is not like that.  It happened in a way where I am in awe (again!) that He continues to put up with me and my poor discipline in giving Him all of my time.    In a way that I know I need to reclaim my life…not for me, but for Him.  In my faith, in my family life, physically, emotionally, in every area I need to surrender all to Him and for Him.  It is something I constantly work on, but most assuredly not with all the effort I should.  Now is the time.  God is telling me (again!) He is enough…He is Lord…He is All.  If I give everything to Him, all else will fall into place as it should.  No, that doesn’t mean it will all fall into place as I think it should, but as He thinks it should.  His plan prevails in the end…always.

The Fragility of Life

While I was living my life, someone died.

While I was running a meaningless race, my friend was saying goodbye to her brother.

While I was hugging my children during the day, someone was hugging a child goodbye.

While I was sleeping one night about 7.5 years ago my baby died inside of me.

When I go to sleep tonight, there will be people that don’t wake up in the morning.

When my husband gets to work safely tomorrow, there will be those who don’t.

In an instant…a flash…loved ones are gone.

Life is so fragile.  Lives are forever taken for granted and then forever missed.  It doesn’t matter if it was sudden or expected…there are still the memories… “just yesterday he was sitting next to me,” “just last week she waved to me,” “just an hour ago he kissed me goodbye…”

The older I get the more I realize how quickly life can fade…age, sex, race, religion do not have a say when it comes to death.

We do have a say when it comes to life, though.  We can determine how many hugs we give our children, spouses, loved ones.  We can determine how many times we say “I love you” and mean it.  We can determine how many times we say “thank you” and mean it.  We can determine how many times we give a gift, share a meal, say a prayer.  We can be determined to live for Christ so that we will live with Him when our earthly life is through.  As fragile as life is, these are necessary things.  We need to be diligent in remembering how fragile life is, so that we do not regret the choices we have made after a life has passed.


My first half marathon is complete.

My goal was under 2 hours and it was reached.  Yay!

The whole process was interesting to say the least.  So many people crowding the street preparing to run through the city to achieve a goal time.  I almost bailed in the first mile, more than once, as runners behind me tripped me up…literally  The image of the face plant kept me from following through with it.  Some wore no shoes, some wore close to no clothes, some wore crazy attire.  So many spectators cheered us on…wow…they should be thanked…they gave full unconditional support.

At the 10k mark, my pace was 8:07 a mile.   Wow…what I would have given to stop at the 10k mark…ha!  The hills after that challenged me a bit and by the time a finished my pace had increased to about 8:37 a mile.  I was still happy with that.

As far as injuries go, my knee was fine, my stuffy nose cleared, my foot was still sensitive and gave me a little pain, especially in the last mile when I rolled it over a random rock.  ouch!  It is wrapped tight today.

I felt great after the race, but as the day wore on my stomach gave me some issues.  Blah!  Today I am working on replenishing myself.  Will be done.

All in all a good race and a lazy day after.

I was humbled by many during my training.  Those who encouraged and supported me are amazing.  Those who sent anonymous gifts and made crazy contributions also are amazing.  Those who cheered and provided sustenance during the race add to the list of amazing people who humbled me.

It was more than a race, it was an experience.

Life By Numbers

Have you ever noticed how much we focus on numbers?

How much we weigh, what size we wear, how many minutes we workout, how many calories we consume, how long we spend at a function, how much money we spend on various things…

We want to know if if it all is worth it, how we compare to others, if we get our money’s worth…

I am guilty of it.  Mostly I focus on weight and calories to stay healthy, but I have fallen in the trap of comparing myself to others and that is not okay.

So I am challenging myself and all of you to focus on different numbers…

* how much time am I spending in the Word each day?

* how much time and money am I spending to help and serve others?

* how much quality time am I spending with family and friends?

These numbers are by far more important.  Not that I want to throw away the other numbers…but I do want to keep my numbers in a better balance.