I read Unbroken awhile back…I am sure if you look in my Books section you can find the precise date when I completed and blogged about it.  It was a tough read, a good read, an amazing TRUE story about an amazing man who was given an immense amount of grace and strength from God through the worst of circumstances.

I went to see the movie…a week ago…and it would be unfair of me to say it was a poor movie, because in fact it was not.  Almost every book is better than the movie…I know that…I go into movies knowing that.  This movie was made well, the actors did a great job!  And they put themselves through a lot to look the part of the 65 pound survivors.  If I had not read the book I would probably have thought the movie was a complete and accurate telling of Louis’ life.

However…when the movie ended I was stunned.  I felt as if it ended 2/3 of the way through the book.  I do wish they had included the last third of the book.  A lot of details were left out.  I promptly got on the computer after coming home and found several documentaries on Louis Zamperini that included these details and then some.  I would encourage everyone to read the book and then watch the movie and documentaries as a set.

Louis Zamperini was an amazing man who left an amazing legacy.

Tidbits from daily life

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since school has started, but here are a few things that have been happening:

* My husband and I are in a bible study with some of our friends, Sacred Marriage, and it is so refreshing to be in a room filled with people who are married and want to be married.  🙂

* Without babysitting 2 little ones, and now being in a routine with school, I have a lot more time to just be with the kids uninterrupted.

* In the craziness of work, higher education, school and kid schedules, date nights are wonderful! 🙂

* I began reading “Undaunted, The Josh McDowell Story” and while it is a difficult read so far, I have high hopes of it being a great book!

* I am looking forward to going to see “Unbroken” after Christmas.  If you have not read it yet…read it!!!!

* Minnie Driver may be the best actress ever…I am watching “Return to Zero” as I type and it is incredibly well made.  For those of you who don’t know about the movie, it is about a couple whose baby was stillborn.  It is based on a true story.  I haven’t seen this issue portrayed since ER did an episode on it.  They depicted it very well, also.  Amazingly, in the ER episode “Midnight” the situation was almost identical to mine…even down to the baby’s name.

* My kids ran their first mud race and it was awesome!!!!

That’s all the updates for now!

Enjoy the weekend!

Book Update

I tried and tried to finish Seabiscuit.  I really did.  I am not a fan of starting a book and not following through to the end, but I have yet to complete it.  I have not returned it to the library, but it is on the back burner for now.  I may need to get the movie for this one.  I was quite disappointed, because Unbroken (by the same author) was AMAZING!   I think there are a couple reasons I was not a fan of Seabiscuit.  Since it was about a horse, and a horse can’t offer information, there were many presumptions and assumptions.  Even reading about the people, the author made remarks saying assuming statements.  For a non-fiction book, I didn’t want assumptions, just the facts please m’am, just the facts.  Also, I have heard that once the reader gets to part 2, the book really picks up.  This is why I have not completely given up.  I struggled through section 1 and feel if I went through the hard part, I should stick around for the better part.  I am not ready to attack it at the moment, maybe after I read a couple other books first.

I did just finish Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.  It was okay.  It certainly made me keep turning pages to see what would happen, but it is also more in the fluff category of reading.  As I was reading I felt like I was reading catch phrases and pop culture words more often than not.  I was not a fan of the language or of a couple scenes, but it did make me cry at the end.  I put it in the okay to take to the beach and read category.  Not earth-shattering wonderful, but a nice quick read.   I have Winter Garden by the same author checked out from the library, but am not sure if I am going to read it.  I may go with Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet next.

Will let you know!  🙂

Good Reads

My friend is in a book club and has passed on some great books recently.

I did jump on the bandwagon for The Hunger Games.  I must say I was hooked.  However, as quickly as I read through the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, neither was as good as the 1st.  I think The Hunger Games was written very well, but would most likely preferred to stop there and come up with my own ending in my head.  It didn’t help that I was Team Gale, but that does not comprise my whole opinion.

I recently read Unbroken, which I have already posted about.  Love it!  Amazing man, amazing testimony, amazing amazing amazing!

I borrowed Like Dandelion Dust from the library along with the movie.  Unlike myself, I watched the movie first and could not bring myself to read the book.  I got a little fired up when a little boy would potentially be ripped out of a life he lived for 6 years with his adoptive parents, the only parents he knew, to live with his birthparents and perhaps never see his adoptive parents again.  I am sure it was beautifully written, I think I am too close to the situation to be able to handle it though.  So, that is just me, nothing against the author.

I am desperately waiting (for another year and a half) for the 3rd book in the Divergent series.  I equally liked the first and second book in this series and am glad Veronica Roth is taking her time for the 3rd book, though I can’t wait!  She is a talented author…very good books.  The second one started a bit slower than the first, but soon proved quite readworthy.

Because of Unbroken, I am currently reading Seabiscuit by the same author, Laura Hillenbrand.  I am enjoying learning history in an entertaining, yet true, fashion.  I have just started this book and like it so far.

Has anyone else been reading anything especially good this summer?


In the midst of being reminded that God is always more than enough…always….more, I am reading a book about Louie Zamperini.  Louie was an Olympic runner who was drafted to war.  He had a hard life before war and it became significantly (quite the understatement) harder during.  His plane went down and he floated on a raft with 2 other men for 2000 miles (1 of the 3 men didn’t make it the whole way).  He and other man that survived floated on a flotation raft circled by sharks for 47 days…their skin becoming dyed by the melting rafts, their bodies turning into skeletons before their eyes.  He was transferred from various camps of torture to more camps of torture.  He was close to death multiple times and still found ways to keep his mind sharp.  Throughout all of these experiences that most of us can’t even imagine…beatings, torture, starvation, humiliation, he prayed to God.  He speaks of times when he heard the angels singing quite clearly, but no one else did.  He even was able to see 21 figures singing to him from above.  I have not yet finished the book,  but I know that Louie Zamperini is still alive today.  He survived the worst life can deal out and yet knew that God is still more than enough.  I am not sure how anyone could have gotten through those horrific days without the strength of God holding them up.