Wishing Wells

The whole family went on a little road trip today and came across a wishing well.  The kids were fascinated with the coins at the bottom of the deep well.  My youngest came over to me and I picked him up.  He said, “I don’t want to ever go in that wishing well.”  I agreed thinking he was envisioning the long drop.

He went on to say, “Then people would put me in their piggy banks.”

That was priceless.  I went a bit further and asked if he would then be spent for things like toys.  This brought up an interesting conversation about what toy his brother would spend him on.  I told him if he were in my piggy bank, I would never spend him.  I would keep him forever.

He gave me a look that only he can give, a bit of surprise, a lot of happiness, and asked with some amazement, “You would?”

I got a pretty good hug after that.

Sweet memories.