The Birthday Stretch

My daughter officially turned 7 yesterday.  Cannot believe it!  She was a bit confused that after 2 parties, one with the family and one with friends, that she turned 7 on a day with no celebration.  😉  We did give her our gifts and sang to her with a leftover cupcake from her friend party, but  her actual birthday was definitely much lower key than earlier in the week.  I look at her and see how much she is like me when I was her age.  She is beginning to get into music, loves writing and just got her first diary.   Though it is bittersweet watching her grow up, it is definitely a blessing and a wonderful journey.

A peek at her cupcakes:


The Book Thief

This book has definitely made it to the top 5 of my list.  Sooooo good.  Markus Zusak may be the most talented author I have ever read.  His writing is beautiful and smart.  Though the topic of his book is not uncommon and is certainly not cheerful, he was able to be creative, add humor and make it his own.  It is a truly unique story.  The language was not great, but I understand that it was probably part of the lives he was describing.  And I am able to skip over it if necessary.  As a whole though, loved the book and would like to read more from markus Zusak.

Cat and Mouse

Just finished Cat and Mouse by James Patterson.

It was slightly more predictable than the last one, but not in a boring way.

More gore…yeah…it was pretty gruesome in parts.

Less politics…yeah…I am still having a hard time determining if James Patterson has an underlying political agenda, but I have decided not to worry about that too much and just read it for readings sake.

Written better than the last one…by far!

I like this book and would recommend this one.  🙂

The Game of Thrones

I applaud George R.R. Martin for writing a nearly 700 page book and making it interesting until the end!  Very few authors can do that successfully.  The Game of Thrones took me a long time to get through.  With the busy-ness of our daily schedule, there is not a lot of time to dedicate to reading…and when you have such a lengthy book to get through, it takes awhile.  😉

The way the book was broken up there were definitely chapters that held my interest more than others.  I, again, was not impressed by the boldness of graphics.  Some may have been necessary for the period in which the book took place, but there were quite a few scenes that could have been left out.  However, it was a book full of great detail.  Apparently there is a tv series based on this book and I can see why.  He wrote naturally and brought each character to life.  I was placed in the scenes, able to see the people and places vividly.  I adore that kind of writing…the kind that transports you into the pages of type.

There were some surprises in the book which made me like it even more, because they made sense with the story, but were not the obvious paths he could have taken.  So many books are predictable these days.  This is not one of them.  And I cannot believe that I have to read 2 more in the series before I find out what is going to happen in the end.  If the next two in the series are as long as this one, it could be quite awhile before I can post on them.  🙂

Anyway, good book, a little too graphic, but skim those parts and it is a great choice!

Yes, Chef

Am I missing something?  Everyone that has read this book seems to love it.  I am only about 2/3 of the way through, but will not be able to renew at the library (due to someone waiting for it) and am wondering if I even want to finish it.  I keep hoping it gets better.

Yes, it is an easy read…but my writing teachers would have nailed him on his slang language and fragments.

Yes, he became a success after his mother died tragically…but he was adopted into a solid and loving family early on in his years.  I am not at all making light of the loss of his mother, but there are plenty of well written success stories of parent-less children.

Yes, he was dedicated…usually I would applaud his dedication, his knowing when to “pay the price” for his dreams, but when the “price” is not taking responsibility for your child, I cannot applaud that choice.

Yes, he is a master chef…and he seems to have the ego to go with it.  I am wondering how many enemies he made after his book was published.

But, maybe I am missing something.  I know his writing style won’t change in the last 100 or so pages, but maybe he will acknowledge his daughter (whose picture I have yet to see in the book with the other pictures), or maybe he will admit he was conceited and foolish as a young man and learned from those actions.  Maybe…

I will say, I applaud his honesty and the fact that he has perfected his craft, but so far I am not a fan of the book.  I also have to add, that I am no better than he is, so maybe I should credit him more for being so honest about himself.  AND, though I have read the book (most of it) I really do not know this man, so no judgment…we may just have to agree to disagree.

If any of you have read it…tell me…is it worth finishing?  Am I missing something?

On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet

I finished this book this morning.  It was a good read…the author wrote very well!  I enjoyed learning a bit of history through this historical fiction story.  I know not everything was completely accurate, but many things are glimpses of the time period.  Anyone who can make history entertaining gets my vote.  🙂

Because I am who I am, I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the love story.  Admittedly I am not one who likes love triangles (I know that takes away a lot of books).  This was not exactly a love triangle, but still, the main character held onto a former flame throughout his marriage.  My romantic heart wants him to love only one all his life.  I am going to choose to believe that he loved his wife so much that he chose her even though he had memories of a past…but I know that in the story he really loved them both.  Many romantics find that romantic, but I still like the one and only love stories.

My opinion doesn’t change that the book is well-written, a good story, and recommended.