snowflakes and time

Can I just say that the snowflakes on the page are kinda cool on the woods picture?  haha!

So, its been 10 years since we said goodbye to our little guy.  Crazy how the memories are still as fresh as yesterday.  My amazing hubby gave me a card today that said life changes, love stays…so fitting.  So sweet that he still takes extra care of me on this day…probably because he is the only one who truly knows how this day feels.  Many relate, sympathize and empathize and have always been great support, but he was there for all of it.  It is also crazy how you can miss someone so much for so long that was here so briefly.  Just goes to show how special each life is, no matter how short.

On a happier note…I am so blessed to have known my little guy, to hold him, to have his wonderful siblings here safe and healthy, to have my family (immediate and extended), friends, and great anticipation for Christmas to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas a little early in case time flies too quickly before I get back on here.

Being a thirty something…

You know you are a thirty something when…

You feel young BUT

  • everyone 29 and under sees you as old
  • all of your friends are getting older…and so are your kids
  • the cheeseburger you ate last night doesn’t melt away as fast as it used to
  • you start noticing one or more of the following…an occasional gray hair, a line here or there, a slight sag
  • sometimes your bones and joints are quite loud when getting up from a chair or bed

You look young BUT

  • you can’t wear the clothes that all the “crazy kids” are wearing
  • you have to “act your age”
  • your children look to you to take care of them 😉  And to set an example (gasp)

You really don’t mind being in your thirties, EXCEPT

  • the next milestone  in your life is 40 and you are not ready for that
  • the bad stuff that happens in life happens at a far greater frequency now…you see parents getting sick and/or injured more easily, kids facing pressures of this crazy world, friends and loved ones facing divorce, loss and trials all the more each day
  • you love where you are in your life but you see it flying at the speed of light and you realize soon enough you will be typing a list of being a forty something…


This may make you chuckle, it may make you sigh…just enjoy each minute before it flies by and thank Our LORD and Savior that allows us to live these moments and create these memories.